Looking north from Fire Island

Looking north from Fire Island
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Friday, October 23, 2009

Italian Style Munchies

I'm closing up the summer house for winter, and need to toss food that won't last. So there's this half pint of Ricotta just waiting for a decision. and it's fresh. I stirred in some honey, and a glug or so of cane jelly Robert gave me as a gift a few years ago. Cane jelly has the essence of molasses, or treacle. It's sweet, but it also has a bite. It's best when spread on warm scones.

Mix some good honey into the ricotta, add cane jelly to taste. Mix well, but leave a few puddles of the sweets, And when you are certain you are alone, tuck into it.

Let this be our little secret.


Anonymous said...

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Sexy Lady
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Cape Coop said...

I miss your blog here- did you go somewhere else?

Anonymous said...

Michael, I was so happy to find your blog today as well as your archive of cooking columns on the Fire Island News site. You write the best cooking columns bar none -- you have a real gift for making recipes inspiring, accessible, and easy to add to one's repertoire. I hope all of your past columns will be available on FI News or this blog, or that you even come out with a collection in cookbook form. Keep up the good work.

Dennis Lonergan

racheld said...

Rebecca at Cape Coop is a very dear faraway friend, so I happened in.

There's an old Southern thing for sprinkling Turbinado or Demerarr onto sour cream or ricotta, stirring in some, and leaving those luscious little puddles atop---it's on lots of tea and brunch tables, especially, for dipping strawberries and other fruit.

I just joined your list of followers, and wish I'd been around for all those years of your column. Are there archives?