Looking north from Fire Island

Looking north from Fire Island
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Monday, August 25, 2008

Deep Dish Me Apple Pie

Easy as Pie
It is easy, no kiddin’. No one says you have to make your own crust. Buy it, or use bought puff pastry instead. No shame in that, it's the fruit we're after anyway, right? Right now the season offers us apples, peaches if we’re lucky, plums (mmmhhh), blueberries, whatever fruit you like. The filling is a question of how much juice (water) the fruit has, how sweet, and how long it takes to cook it.
Since a deep dish apple pie is my personal killer drug, I’ll focus on that, but the principles are the same for all fruits. Peel core and cut up 9 large granny apples. Each piece should be half of a quarter, or an eighth. Sprinkle the apples with the juice of a lemon, BUT before you squeeze it, take the zest off and mix that into the apples. You will need sugar, and ground cinnamon. A tablespoon of cinnamon, and four of sugar. A pinch of salt, and some nutmeg. Taste an apple slice and correct the sweetness to your taste. I never made a pie with Splenda (ugh), but some have and swear they can't tell the difference. I pity them, and don't say a word.
Mix around a tablespoon of sugar with a tablespoon of flour. Sprinkle over the apples and toss to distribute. The flour will keep the fruit from running out.
If you are using your own pie dish, Pam spray it. Dump all the apples into the pie crust, and cover with the rest of the dough. Cut a vent hole in the top, and place it in a preheated 375f oven. In ten minutes lower the temperature to 350f and bake for around an hour. When you see bubbles, you know it’s about ready. Check out the photo. There's also an egg wash on top and sugar sprinkled on it. Easy to do, but your pie will be wonderful even if you skip these steps, you lazy thing.
And as much as you want to dive in, leave it at room temp for about an hour to let the juices and spices set. Even though it may be out of the oven, it's still cooking. Know what? It's even better the next day, but don't wait. Cheers!

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